Management and KPI reports

Is your management information old and outdated by the time you receive it from your accountant?

Do you even receive management accounts? Are the reports tailored to you and your business, or do you receive a standard P&L and Balance Sheet with little or no explanation of what it means?

 Your Key to Success?

Our team can provide your business with an efficient and cost-effective solution to management reporting, whether your company is a start-up or mature established multi-currency, multi-site business.

We recognise that at each stage of a company’s development there are different needs, so we:

  • Tailor the structure of reports to suits your business needs
  • Help with goal setting so you can plan your business growth
  • Present key performance information graphically to give visual information about your business, that is easy to understand

If you want your business to meet future targets and objectives, then you need effective management reports to tell you where are today.

Management reports keep you informed to ensure that the business remains on track and action can be taken to achieve your business goals.

Key performance indicators provided on a monthly or quarterly basis can help each person in your business stay on track by understanding the up to date financial information relevant to their role and the wider company strategy.

Teams members need to work together to achieve success; management reporting built from timely reliable data can aid the level of interaction (and understanding) needed to achieve this.

Can we help you ?

  • Tailored & timely management reports
  • Relevant KPI’s
  • Budgeting and cashflow reporting
  • Management information review and recommendations
  • Review of your business finances
  • Benchmarking analysis

Please contact one of the team to discuss how we can help you use management information to drive your business forward.